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66 different species of moths in a morning!

We're super excited to have had Graeme Lyons, one of the best and most experienced entomologists in rewilding movement, visiting Moor Barton Wilding this Spring and Summer.

Poplar Hawkmoth

Over a period of four months from April to July, Graeme carried out an in depth survey of 13 compartments in different habitats spread over the 120 acres of Moor Barton. The survey aims to assess the health of these habitats through their insect abundance and diversity.

Large Emerald

Graeme's last visit took place in late July and we have yet to get the final results. However, to give you an idea, we recorded 66 species in one morning in a light trap. No wonder we have the moth eating nightjars nesting! Moor Barton is also the first site Graeme has ever surveyed where he has seen both Pearl Bordered and Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary Butterflies.

Black Arches

As expected, the wetlands and the wood pasture were brimming with insect life whilst the conifer plantation and beech woodland (particularly where the trees are roughly the same age) were much quieter.

Elephant Hawkmoth

We'll share the full results of the survey here when we have them, so watch this space! :-)

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