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Seasonal Community Rewilding Weekends

We believe in a populated landscape, in humans taking up their role as a keystone species so that we, and the rest of the natural world, can thrive together. At the heart of Moor Barton Wilding are our Seasonal Community Rewilding Weekends, where we do just that! 


Each season we invite the wider community to come and spend a weekend at Moor Barton, camping and tending the land together. These weekends are an opportunity for adults and children from different backgrounds to come and experience the richness of being in community on the land - and get stuck into some hands on rewilding work. 

2024 Dates

Spring: May 17th - 19th

Summer: July 26th - 28th

Autumn: October 4th - 6th


During the weekends the work usually happens in small groups and differs depending on the season and currents projects. However there is always a range of activities to suit different levels of energy and experience, and plenty of time to hang out and enjoy the land and the community. The weekends are often a time of lively discussions, exchanging ideas and learning new skills as well as cooking and tending the hearth together and sharing stories and songs around the fire.


What to expect at a Community Rewilding Weekend:

  • A welcoming community tending beautiful land

  • Daily work sessions usually in small groups

  • Rewilding information and discussions

  • Evenings spent cooking and eating around the fire

  • Music and stories...


    Saunas (and dips in the stream?!)

  • Beaver watching at dawn and dusk

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