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Get involved at Moor Barton Wilding



The Moor Barton tribe hosts regular volunteer days and weekends throughout the year. These are an opportunity for adults and children to come and be part of the Moor Barton community and get stuck into some hands on rewilding work. This could involve anything from helping to monitor species or contribute to ecological surveys to felling self-seeding larch trees which threaten to shade out our native broadleaves, to tree planting and the endless strimming and bracken clearing which is necessary to maintain our hugely bio-diverse edge environments. Evenings are spent cooking together and hanging out around the fire; this can be a great time to learn more about Moor Barton Wilding and rewilding in general or just to unwind in good company.


Click here for the calendar of volunteer days and weekends.

Camps and courses

Moor Barton Wilding hosts a range of camps and courses throughout the year. While each of these programmes has a different emphasis or focus, all are concerned with the rewilding of the land and/or her humans. Some of the programmes and organisations at Moor Barton in 2023 include:


Call of the Wild

Embercombe's Where the Wild Things Are

Change in Nature's Wild Songs and Wild Stories

Moor Time Summer Camp

Bringing It Home's Village Nature Gathering


Click here for the calendar of camps and courses



Funding opportunities

Moor Barton Wilding is managed and run by volunteers. The rewilding work that takes place on the land is funded by the camps and courses that we host and by our Higher Tier Stewardship environmental land management agreement. The income we generate is never enough to do even half of what we would like to! If you're interested in supporting our work financially, please do get in touch. There are lots exciting funding opportunities from as small as buying a few more much needed chain saws to enabling an entire species reintroduction!


Hiring Moor Barton


If you're looking for somewhere to hold an event, course or camp which you feel would be a good fit for Moor Barton Wilding, get in touch. We have a beautiful gathering/meeting space (The White Deer lodge), a covered hearth area, a field kitchen, compost loos and a camping area.


Because the primary focus of Moor Barton Wilding is rewilding, we limit the number of events to allow the land plenty of time to rest in between. Therefore, please contact us as far in advance of your event as you can.

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