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Get involved at Moor Barton Wilding

There are many different ways to get involved at Moor Barton Wilding from coming to help us 'tend the wild', to attending one of the many camps, programmes and other events that happen on the land.


We are working to make Moor Barton accessible, welcoming and inspiring to people of every race, age, gender, sexuality, physical ability, faith and class. We know that we still have a long way to go to become truly inclusive and we particularly welcome enquiries from minority groups.


Community Rewilding Fridays and Seasonal Weekends

Community Rewilding Fridays days take place throughout the year although they tend to be more frequent (often weekly) outside of the summer months when the land isn’t hosting camps and courses.


These Fridays offer an informal opportunity to come and be part of the Moor Barton community for a day and get stuck into some hands on rewilding work. This could be anything from surveying to coppicing depending on what we’ve got on! (Although the work will always be tailored to meet the energy levels and experience of the people taking part.) We meet at 10am on the village green and often end the day with a tour of the beaver enclosure for those who haven’t been before - or for a while.


Check out the calendar for Rewilding Friday dates and please email us here if you’re planning to come. (This is important so that we can plan the work and don’t leave anyone behind if we’re working in a remote part of the land.)


Our three Seasonal Community Rewilding Weekends are a chance to spend a bit longer on the land camping and working together. Click here for more information about the weekends and the 2024 dates.

Camps and courses

Moor Barton Wilding hosts a range of camps and courses throughout the year. While each of these programmes has a different emphasis or focus, all are concerned with the rewilding of the land and/or her humans in some way. Some of the programmes and organisations at Moor Barton in 2024 include:

Medicine of the Four Directions

The Old Way

Call of the Wild

Change in Nature's Wild Songs

Bringing it Home's Village Nature Gathering

Roots of Belonging

Wildwise's Forest Rangers

Wildwise's Dangerous Weekend for  Boys

Wildwise's Family Camp

Wild Moon Women's Voice Camp

Moor Time

Wild Joy Autumn Rewilding Retreat

Change in Nature's Wild Stories


Click here for the calendar of camps and courses



Funding opportunities

Moor Barton Wilding is managed and run by volunteers. The rewilding work that takes place on the land is funded by the camps and courses that we host and by our Higher Tier Stewardship environmental land management agreement. The income we generate is never enough to do even half of what we would like to! If you're interested in supporting our work financially, please get in touch. There are lots exciting funding opportunities from as small as buying a few more much needed chain saws to enabling an entire species reintroduction!


Bespoke Rewilding Days and Beaver Tours


If you’re part of a group who would like to come and spend time at Moor Barton and learn a bit about rewilding, we would be happy to host you!


We work with different groups to design whole or half day visits which meet the group’s particular needs and interests. These visits usually include some combination of an introduction to rewilding and Moor Barton Wilding, a ‘keystone species and tending the wild’ tour of the land, a tour of the beaver enclosure and some rewilding work on the land.


So far, we have held bespoke rewilding days for primary and secondary schools, companies and rewilding trainings. Jacquie Warren from JLL, who spent a day at Moor Barton in November, said: “The JLL Exeter office had a great day volunteering at Moor Barton Wilding. The team were great hosts and we learnt huge amounts about the important ecological restoration work they are undertaking. Our office can't wait to head back soon!” 


Costs vary depending on numbers and time - and whether your group would like to do any work on the land (this gets a discount!). We are striving to make Moor Barton more inclusive and particularly welcome enquiries from minority groups. We are happy to host such groups free of charge.

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